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Spring Time! What is Changing?

What’s Changing? Everything is changing! All pond residents depend on the water temperature, so if you don’t have a thermometer now is the time to pick one up! This important simple tool will help guide you all season.thermometer

It is only necessary for the pond water to warm up to as little as 2° C in order for living things like good (cold water) bacterias (aka the garbage men) and aquatic plants to work together to help create a healthy environment. The warmer the water gets the more life in the pond will come into action!

Just how quickly the pond will warm up depends on a number of factors such as pond shape, volume, exposure to sun/shade, wind, and of course the day and night time temperatures. Water warms up slower than air, so be patient.

As the ice leaves the pond consider draining the pond to remove toxic sludge and debris that may have built up over the winter, or if this sounds daunting hire the Cole’s Crew to come do it for you. As the ice leaves and the water warms the pond fish will become more active. Now is a good time to check your fish to open wounds, torn fins, or scrapes. Also watch out for fungal growth and parasites that may try to attack when fish immune systems are low.  While checking your fish you should also check your pond fish population. If it is too high you will run into problems with sludge and water clarity.fish-ulcer When removing fish from a pond always check with friends, family, your local pond shop if they are looking for fish. Never place in a natural lake or stream as this can lead to over population and and many pond fish are not natural to our local water ways.

Fish once you have conditioned any new water you can start feeding the fish Cold Water Fish Food once your water temperature is 10-15°C any warmer use regular fish food.

As the temperature rises further to 12°C, pond plants will show signs of life. Raise plants from there winter home on the bottom of the pond, and cut back any remaining foliage from last season and divide any lilies or plants that look pot bound. Plants should be given our “Once a Year” slow release fertilizer and topped up with pond soil at this time as well.  If you have been overwintering any tropical pond plants they should be kept indoors until the risk of frost is gone.

After spring maintenance the pond can often have an algae bloom or you water can begin to look like pea soup. This is because the Green-Pond-waterpond plants have not been able to shade the water and pull nutrients out as they are still growing. We recommend using Pond Shade, a dye that stops the sun’s rays from penetrating the water as a preventative against algae. If you already have a prevalent algae problem we recommend our all-purpose algaecide D-Solve 9. D-Solve9 works fast and will take care of green water shown in the picture to the right.  We also recommend barley straw pellets or extract in early spring to help combat the algae blooms that happen as the water temperature rises.

We hope this was helpful! Please visit us for friendly advice and be ready for the Spring Changes coming to your pond very soon!