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Pond Owners Handbook

Spring Jump Start for your Pond

Follow these 7 steps, and you will be well on your way to a Crystal Clear Pond!

  1. Remove the pond heater and bubbler that you added in the winter to keep a hole in the ice for exchange of gasses.
  2. Remove any debris that accumulated over the winter, such as leaves, sticks, or fine sediment. A skimmer net, with a finer mesh than a fish net, comes in handy for removing sediment.
  3. If your water is fairly dirty, you’ll want to conduct a partial water change. To do this, you can use your existing pump connected to a pipe for water removal, or you can purchase a pump specifically designed for pond clean-outs (or you can always hire the Cole’s Team to clean it for you.). Your pond water is rich with nutrients, so as you’re pumping out the water, use it to irrigate your surrounding landscaping and garden beds. Your flowers and veggies will thank you!
  4. Perform a bit of maintenance to lengthen the life of your pump. Simply inspect the intake and remove any solids or debris.
  5. When refilling your pond with water, be sure to apply a water conditioner such as Aquascape Pond Detoxifier. Pond Detoxifier removes chlorine, chloramine, and ammonia … and detoxifies heavy metals. What’s more, it’s safe for fish and plants.
  6. You can begin to add water treatments once your feature is up and running. If the water temperature is below 55 degrees, you can start by adding EcoBlast and SAB Stream and Pond Clean (be sure to follow package instructions). SAB is a powerful phosphate binder that helps keep your water clear. EcoBlast is a fish and plant-safe algaecide. These two products will work extremely well together in getting your pond off to a good start.
  7. Once your pond water temperature reaches 55 degrees, you can start adding Aquascape Beneficial Bacteria on a regular basis. Beneficial Bacteria assists in balancing your pond, reduces maintenance by keeping filters clean and debris-free, reduces harmful ammonia and nitrite, and produces crystal clear water quality.

*Info provided by Aquascape Inc.