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Pond Owners Handbook

Shutting Down your Pond For Fall

Posted on March 19, 2019 : Comments Off on Shutting Down your Pond For Fall

If you are shutting down for the Fall, continue reading below

  1. Remove your pump from the feature and make sure that your filter has been sufficiently drained of water to prevent damage from expanding ice. We suggest bringing canister filters and pumps into an area of the home or property that doesn’t freeze.
  2. A pond owner should have winterizing tools at their disposal, this includes (but isn’t limited to) a De-Icer, Aerator, and Cover Net.
  3. Gather some long planks or poles to span the pond in multiple places. We use these rigid pieces as support for our cover net, which stops the net from sitting in the water as well as positioning our de-icer. If a cover net is in the water, leaves that fall onto the pond will break down in the pond and fish can become trapped on top of the net. A properly applied cover net will protect from predators and allow leaves to fall and be blown away before becoming trapped by pond water.
  4. Place your aerator pump body in a place that is out of the elements, in a shed or sun-room is ideal. In a pinch sitting the pump on a brick with a bucket over top can offer protection throughout the Winter. The aerator stones should sit together at the bottom of the pond to provide thorough aeration and movement in the pond.
  5. Our de-icer poses no risk to your liner or livestock unlike some other heating solutions. Regardless, make use of the poles/boards that are spanning the pond to keep your de-icer away from pond edges.
  6. Plug in your accessories and make sure they function. The de-icer will not turn on unless the temperature is below freezing, at which point an indicator light will turn on (on our de-icers).
  7. Netting a pond is a job best done with two people. Begin on one end of the pond by anchoring the net firmly into the ground and stretching taught across the supports and pond edge, until the pond is covered completely.