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Fall Shutdown

As the Water gardening season comes to a close our Team at Cole’s Pond Store is ready to ensure pond or water feature is properly shutdown for winter, and will be in good shape next spring! A properly maintained pond in the fall will save you a ton of work in the spring and your pond will be healthier because of it!

Here are the possible steps our crew will take to ensure your pond or water feature is properly shut down for the winter

  • Install Pond Netting (generally down earlier in the fall season just as the leaves start to turn colour)
  • Remove pump and clean for winter storage
  • Remove and clean filter media
  • Clean and Empty external filters
  • Trim and Cut Back Aquatic Plants
  • Removal of any excess organic matter
  • Install Aerator, and deicer
  • Add Cold Water treatments
  • Remove pond netting (done after all the leaves have fallen and have been cleaned up)
  • Consult with customer on any other water treatments they might need. Make any other recommendations regarding their pond.

Does this seems like a daunting task?

At Cole’s Pond Store, we try our best to offer the very best in customer service. That includes hopping into your pond and getting our hands dirty, so you don’t have to. Our Pond Technicians and assistants are extremely thorough and experienced, ensuring the best possible work. Don’t take it from us though, read what some of our customers have had to say;

Thank you to the awesome young man who helped my husband and I to figure out why our pond was losing water. He was 100% right it was the water fall. We patched the hole with supplies we bought and the new bubbler( That we had a return on. Great warranty thanks) looks great. Pond up and running 100% again.  Best place to go to get pond supplies etc…. What seemed overwhelming turned out not so bad with the great help. Wish I asked the young man’s name. Thanks Handsome!

-J. Knight


We never thought our pond was THAT BAD until Cole’s guys went into our pond. I thought it was only two feet deep in the middle. Boy were we WRONG! After a day of hard work it turns out that we had a whole truck load of roots making our pond so shallow. It’s better than it’s ever been and we’re sooooo happy! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

-R. Majumdar


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