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Lightscaping Your Pond


LED is what’s new!

Enjoy feeding your fish while underwater lighting enhances their beauty and creates halos of light around each water lily leaf. Come home from a stressful day at work, and enjoy a pond’s nightlife.

Expand your viewing pleasure into an evening wonderland beyond the patio or deck. You and your guests will enjoy your pond, waterfall or water feature with illuminated ripples and reflections. Your pond and surrounding gardens can become the center of your outdoor evening entertainment. Contrasts of light and dark draw you into a new magical nightscape dimension. Various forms of underwater and landscape lighting have been available for many years.

In past there have been concerns with safety, frustration with maintenance, as well as installation issues. This has all changed with the Aquascape LED systems.

LED is the latest development in indoor/outdoor lighting technology. It has changed the way we purchase and use the pond and landscape lights. LED lights have a natural looking white light and last ten times longer than halogen lights, costing far less to run and wastes less time replacing burnt out bulbs. They save up to 90% on hydro compared to halogen lights.

84000 LED Light KitAquascape LED fixtures provide a variety of design options to illuminate the pond above and below safely using a tiny inexpensive low voltage transformer. The low wattage bulbs don’t disturb the fish or heat the water.
It is fun to play with the positioning of the lights. Choose to place lights in the pond, or focus them on a cascading waterfall, rippling stream, colourful water plants, bubbling fountain or garden backdrop. Experiment with placing lights higher or lower to achieve different effects. The nearer the light is to the surface the brighter, more intense it is coming out of the water. Placing the light lower creates a more diffused effect.

Always direct lights away from the viewer so that there is never any glare. You may wish to hide the fixtures with stones and bury the extensions as you can leave these lights to freeze over winter.

The beauty with the Aquascape LED system is that when it comes time to add more lights, you easily can, with threaded connectors and extension cables (some with multiple adapters).

Aquascape also offers a simple “plug and play” kit with everything necessary for a quick professional installation at a surprisingly low cost. These kits are popular with homeowners and contractors.

It’s amazing how just a small amount of light on a little bubbling garden fountain in an otherwise dark area, creates such a dramatic focal point.

Some people begin with just a few lights, and then quickly discover how much fun it is to “paint with LED lights”.