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IonGen Revolutionizing Maintenance

Every spring we see a deluge of new products for our ponds that promise to solve all of your problems. Decreasing the work put into installing or maintaining can be a really attractive selling feature, not every product delivers though. Unfortunately for pond owners wading through the snake oil to find gems can be an arduous task. You’re in luck though: We here at Cole’s are always willing to be at the bleeding edge of pond technology. Our most recent gem is the Aquascape IonGen. According to Aquascape:

The Aquascape, IonGen™ is a water clarifier solution for ponds, Pondless® Waterfalls, and other decorative water features. The IonGen™ drastically reduces pond maintenance and provides crystal clear water without the use of chemicals.

A microprocessor inside the IonGen™ control panel causes the outermost atoms of copper, silver and zinc to lose an electron, creating a positive ion. The positive ion attenpts to flow from one of the Probe’s bars to the other and is swept away by the flow of water where the ion can begin to treat the water. The IonGen™ Probe is self cleaning, using reverse polarity to prevent scale and debris build-up on the Probe’s bars. The metal alloys in the Probe are scientifically blended and tested to produce maximum results. The IonGen™ System is safe for fish and plants and is not toxic to any animals that may drink from the pond.

So the IonGen™ will:

  • Drastically reduces pond maintenance
  • Crystal clear water without the use of chemicals
  • Eliminates unsightly water conditions
  • Simple to install
  • Safe for fish and plants
  • Not toxic to animals that may drink from the pond
  • Energy efficient (less than $1 a month in electricity cost)
  • Treats ponds up to 25,000 gallons

Within the last few years we have seen the introduction of copper ionizers. A copper ionizer is supposed to reduce and eventually stop all algae growth in a pond, effectively replacing the majority of other pond treatments applied. Copper ionizers work by slowly releasing heavy metals into the water column which are toxic to plants. These include and are generally limited to:

  • Copper
  • Silver
  • Zinc
  • Titanium

We at Cole’s Pond Store have been testing out the IonGen for the past two seasons. The trial pond for the IonGen is a display pond by the front of our store and must look superb year round. Keeping the pond immaculate is particularly difficult in full sun, all day. Prior to the product’s installation, we frequently saw string algae on our waterfall, in addition to sporadic burst of phytoplankton AKA green water. The IonGen has done an amazing job so far having gone through one probe up to this point.

After initial installation we saw a definite decline in string algae within a week, with a small green water outbreak that lasted approximately one week. The IonGen is, in my opinion the best single filtration component investment on top of a standard filter. Throughout the summer, while others are battling algae and pulling their hair (algae) out, we’re receiving compliments on our water clarity and health of our pond.

Have you got an IonGen installed? Feel we’ve missed something, or need more info? Comment below.