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Awesome Fish for Small Ponds – Goldfish, Sarassa, & Shubunkin

goldfishAlthough koi tend to be the number one choice of fish among pond owners, goldfish make charming accents to the water garden and should be a consideration when stocking your pond. As a general rule, goldfish do not grow as large as koi and therefore are better at allowing plants to grow in the pond.

The common goldfish comes in many shapes and varieties. The red and white sarassa comet tends to be one of the most popular goldfish varieties, with the calico-colored shubunkins coming in at a close second.

Since goldfish have little chance of outgrowing most ponds, they are a great choice for small ponds. But be careful as they do breed quite easily and can quickly over-populate your pond with numbers instead of size.

Goldfish come in fancy varieties, as well. These include the oranda goldfish, ryukin, and black moor. Generally, these are best left to the aquarium hobby for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, they have difficulty swimming away from predators with their rounded body shape. They actually seem to waddle more than swim! Also, they don’t fare very well in cooler climates. Their small size does make them perfect for container water gardens, as long as a winter home can be found for them indoors.

A pond without fish can be a bit uneventful. In fact, many pond lovers add a water garden to their landscape just so they can enjoy fish. To avoid over-stocking a small pond, consider adding goldfish, which are just as colorful as the popular koi.